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Fall Quarter 2013

  Department of Economics  


  College of Business & Economics  

Kellogg CMS-EMS Discussion Paper #1560
The Roman Metro Problem
with Sandro Shelegia (Vienna) and Bruno Strulovici (Northwestern)

  ECON 3551 (Section 3)
Managerial Economics & Business Strategy
TTH 2.00-3.50 pm

I am an economist and applied game theorist, i.e.: I study what happens when rational people interact in markets and organizations, using logical inference.



        ECON 3005
Macroeconomic Theory
TTH 4.00-5.50 pm

VBT Building

East Bay Highlands



          ECON 6101
Microeconomic Theory I
T 6.30-10.00 pm




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Hayward Hills Campus Mall

San Francisco


Winter Quarter 2014




  Office     Economics Job Candidates:
Working Here and Getting Hired
  ECON 4590
Economics of Information and Organizations
MW 4.00-5.50 pm
  Hayward Campus,
VBT 406A


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              ECON 6102
Microeconomic Theory II
M 6.30-10.00 pm